Episode 43: Excelling in Multiple Industries With April Porter

How can you harness the power of persuasion to become successful in multiple unrelated industries? Then, how do you take that success and teach other business owners to better run their companies?

April Porter would know. As a former attorney turned kick-boxing franchise owner turned Franchise Empire Building Strategist and the CEO of Ask April Porter, April has taken a very unusual path. She’s been named a Top Influencer in the Global Franchising Industry and hosts the #1 Franchisee Podcast on Apple, The Infinite Franchisee Show. She recently received the Chairman’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Franchising Industry from the AAFD.

April fills the gap between the franchise model and ultimate success by providing franchisees with the strategies needed to increase profits, build reliable teams, and scale to multiple locations. She helps franchisors turn their brands into empires by helping underperformers become top performers and helping top performers become multi-unit owners.

April discusses her interesting career trajectory and how she ended up excelling in multiple industries. She talks about the process of becoming a franchisee and how she helps franchisees grow their businesses. She reveals how she uses the power of persuasion to benefit her business and also shares encouraging words for business owners who are considering giving up.



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Guest Links:

Website: https://www.askaprilporter.com/

Facebook: Ask April Porter

Instagram: @askaprilporter

LinkedIn: April Porter

Podcast: The Infinite Franchisee Show

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