Episode 44: Discovering Your Zone of Genius with Midori Verity

When you hear the words “zone of genius,” what comes to mind? What is your zone of genius? How can you use this concept to further your business endeavors?

This week, I am excited to showcase Midori Verity. Midori is an expert who helps clients use their zone of genius to scale their business. Midori has been a successful business owner for over 25 years and has worked with businesses that range from start-ups to some of Silicon Valley’s top 500 companies. Her entrepreneurial journey has had many ups and downs. Today, she takes the tough lessons she’s learned and uses them to provide solutions for driven entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their success without the complications.

Fuel to Fire Accountability Groups is a company she founded to carry out this mission. It incorporates a proven goal-mapping framework, an accountability method, and mentorship to help members become laser-focused, overcome obstacles quicker, and hit their most significant objectives.

Midori discusses how she started out right after college and what she has learned from scaling her business. She talks about her coaching business, Fuel to Fire, and how she helps her clients use their zone of genius. She also shares her thoughts on entrepreneurs as visionaries and why they should accept help from integrators.



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