Our Values

Defining our values provides focus and direction in our work, and matches our intentions with our day-to-day activities. We have carefully considered the characteristics we want to exemplify, and what we seek in team members, clients, partners and other collaborators. These are the values of Prosper for Purpose.


We cultivate relationships. If you aren't working with the right people, nothing else matters. 


From the day-to-day to strategic planning, we follow inspired direction in our work. We look for partners, clients and team-members who do the same.


We believe in producing high quality work on time and within budget. We demonstrate enthusiasm for our work and optimism about our company and its future.


Mutual respect and trust for one another are hallmarks of our company. We are loyal to Prosper and to one another.


Transparency and honest dialogue are keys to working successfully. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We love what we do and are motivated by good people and projects. We enjoy a challenge, bringing new visions to life and re-energizing time-tested ideals.


From the front desk to the board room, we honor all perspectives as we believe not only do they matter, but they contribute to better results for our clients.


We appreciate and nurture creative energy, from messaging to design. Every organization deserves a custom approach to differentiate among competitors and attract a specific audience.

Life-long Learning.

We gather ideas and thoughts from the classroom, giving back to our community, everyday encounters to world travel. Work-life balance and openness to new experiences keeps us relevant and present to our families, friends and colleagues.

giving back.

We believe in giving back to our communities, both personally and professionally. For how we do this, please see The Prosper Project.

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