Episode 42: Virtual Excellence With Sadie Prestridge

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are a huge help to busy entrepreneurs who need to focus on what they do best. So, how should you go about hiring your own VA?

In this episode, I interview Sadie Prestridge, a woman who began an online business in 2018 as an Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) and now runs a team of highly-trained EVAs. In the beginning, Sadie was still working her corporate job, but she quickly found her stride and was able to quit only three months later. With her client roster full, she surpassed her previous income and kept on growing!

Sadie’s skilled team at Prestridge and Co. knows how to support entrepreneurs and takes initiative to level up their business operations. Prestridge and Co. provides beneficial systems, structure, and day-to-day support that help executives manage themselves, their busy schedules, and their visionary companies that are changing the world.

Sadie explains what inspired her to become an EVA and how she built her agency. She gives her thoughts on the importance of having the right systems in place for both the business owners and her virtual assistants. She shares why it matters for clients and virtual assistants to share similar personalities, have proper training, and establish achievable expectations.



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Website: https://prestridgeandco.com/

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Want to know what an executive virtual assistant can do for you? Check out Sadie’s free checklist,  The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging VA Support, and start delegating like a pro right away!

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