Episode 7: 4 Keys to Faster Business Growth

When starting a business, we entrepreneurs understand we need a plan for growth. But after a few months, or perhaps a few years, we hit a plateau. So what are the key areas that you need to focus on when you hit this plateau?

In this episode, I will share four key areas in your business to focus on as you scale your business. I will share some strategies that I learned as I built my agency for the past nine years. I will also leave you with important questions that will help you assess where you are right now in your business and what you should focus on to get to where you want to be.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then make sure you listen to the entire episode!


“At every level of the business, you’re making adjustments.”

“Tools are the systems and processes that can help you to accomplish your tasks better and faster.”

“People are a critical resource for your business to aid in the growth of your company.”

“I encourage you to have people who are where you are or ahead of you in your circle of influence.”

“Don’t try to figure it all out on your own. If you want to go further faster, find people who are already where you want to go and learn from them.”

“Coaching, training, and outside expertise is just so important to take your business to the next level.”

“The only way to step out of negative stories is to recognize them when they come up and create a new story.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • The four key areas to focus on to scale your business.
  • Key Area #1: Tools for your business.
  • Key Area #2: The people you surround yourself with.
  • Key Area #3: Taking your expertise to the next level.
  • Key Area #4: Creating the right mindset.

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