Episode 8: Social Impact Through Luxury Events with Hope Caldwell

Is it possible to create a business that incorporates a purpose into a seemingly unrelated business?

In this episode, Lorraine is joined by an inspiring entrepreneur, Hope Caldwell. Hope spent over a decade working various roles at a five-star property in the luxury event industry including logistics & transportation, destination management, and event design/management. Hope is passionate about serving the underserved. She leads medical missionary trips to Africa annually with One World Health. In 2018, Hope was honored with the 2018 Social Impact Award by Local Choice for launching the KLH Group, which is passionately connecting clients to social causes that matter most to them and their employees through high-end service events. She is also the founder of two nonprofits. Throughout her hospitality career, Hope has successfully produced luxury corporate events for many Fortune 500 companies.

Hope also founded Doors to Dream, a 501C-3 that is working to mentor and employ underserved high school students throughout the school year and summer months, and co-founded The Spokes Group, a 501C-3 whose mission is to put deserving children on bicycles promoting health and wellness in communities.

Hope tells her incredible story of building a business and incorporating social impact in her luxury events. She reveals the beautiful story behind the KLH Group name. She explains how her event business survived a pandemic and where her company is today.


“When I made the leap to open a company, I knew it had to include something for others.”

“ If we’re able to impact and move the heart, just one degree, we know that we’re creating memorable experiences.”

“Starting a business is terrifying in general, there’s always this risk.”

“I found so much of my self-worth in my financial security, and starting a business completely stripped me of that idol completely.”

“I think the practical pieces are just getting to know yourself and when it hurts, that means there’s growth.”

“Just for today, I’m going to be thankful for what I have and not what I don’t have.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • What inspired Hope to start her own luxury event management company.
  • When and how Hope incorporated social impact into her events.
  • How Hope decided on what her company’s social impact will be and who has she partnered with.
  • Hope shares her incredible stories about building a home, her first social impact project, and partnering with Lowes.
  • Hope shares how she handled the impact of COVID in the event industry.
  • What is the beautiful story behind the name KLH.

Connect with Hope:

Website: http://klhgroup.co/ 

IG: @klhgroup

Facebook: @KLHGroup

LinkedIn: KLH Group

YouTube: KLH Group

Link/s Mentioned:

Watch Trevor, Hope, and the KLH Group’s inspiring video here:

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