Episode 6: Success Without Struggle with Allyson Chavez

Why do we often see women struggle in the hustle and grind in order to achieve prosperity and success? How does being in your feminine energy make a difference in your business?

In this episode, I interview Allyson Chavez, an energetic prosperity & success coach for ambitious, God-centered women. Allyson teaches women how to get phenomenal results with ease, bend time & space, achieve their goals without hustle or grind, & reshape their reality in feminine energy. She is a sought-after speaker on mindset, prosperity, universal laws, and success strategies. She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach.  Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.

Allyson shares how she started her business and the lessons she learned from the struggles she experienced as she built her business. She talks about prosperity, positive thinking, and hustle as scarcity. You will also hear Allyson’s interesting analogy about feminine and masculine energy.

This episode is loaded with beautiful energy and Allyson tops it with a great freebie that can help you learn more about feminine and masculine energy. Stay until the end to learn how you can be prosperous without the struggle.


“I have learned that prosperity isn’t just money. It isn’t just wealth.”

“Prosperity is a very particular way of thinking and it’s the way that you experience life that allows you to flow.”

“Positive thinking and prosperity thinking are two completely different things. One does not necessarily lead to the other.”

“As women, we’re not designed to work in the hustle and grind way. When we hit our goals in that way, we only feel tired at the end.”

“I work with women who really want to learn how to lead with their feminine and balance out their masculine energy.”

“The feminine is the being, the masculine is the doing.”

“Hustle is a scarcity. It’s the scarcity of time.”

“Understand that women are wired for pleasure and as we get into pleasure, it actually makes us more productive.”

“Energy is contagious when we allow it to be. Negative energy is as contagious as positive energy.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Allyson shares how she started her business and her struggles and lessons along the way.
  • The difference between prosperity thinking and positive thinking.
  • What kind of people does Allyson work with and how does she help them? 
  • Why is it so important for women to learn and lead with feminine energy?
  • Why is hustle a scarcity? What happens when you stay in the feminine energy and get into pleasure instead of working with hustle?
  • Allyson shares her river and river banks analogy about flow, feminine energy, and masculine energy.
  • Why does morning routine matter and what is Allyson’s?  
  • How to protect your energy from other people’s conflicting energy.

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