Episode 32: Standing for Love with Minna Yoo

What is mindful hydration, and why does it matter? How can you elevate your water consumption to make it feel both necessary and special?

In this episode, Minna Yoo shares how she spreads love and awareness through mindful hydration and beautiful water bottles. Minna’s journey in neuroscience and nutrition led her to an idea to improve health through “mindful hydration,” and Love Bottle was born. Love Bottle is a beautiful, elegant, reusable bottle that is all about bringing Love and Water together and Drinking with Love. The bottle was created to help the physical and emotional health of our bodies, our communities, and our planet. Our bodies and our planet are both around 70% water. It is the main ingredient of who we are and part of every cell in our body. When we bring Love into our water drinking experience, it can be powerful.

Mina shares her journey, starting from having a traditional career to being a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur. She shares the experiences that opened the door to her passion, mindful hydration, and her business, Love Bottle. Mina shares the shift her business has taken and why she chose to become a B-Corp certified company. You’ll hear Mina’s purpose for creating Love Bottle, why she choose to use glass, and her long-term plans for her company.


“I’m open to inspiration. Set down with the yellow legal pad jotting down ideas, and it just truly hit me. I knew the name – Love Bottle.”

“I need to create a vessel to share with the world, and the vessel would carry the message.”

“I shifted to really wanting to hone in on what our true message is about, connecting to the water that we drink, connecting to the water on our planet, and how water connects us to each other and nature.”

“Drinking water for your health is a must.”

“Glass tends to elevate whatever you’re drinking.”

“if we combine our water drinking as a moment to reset and take a grounding moment, then it’s this kind of touchstone stepping stool throughout the day to help really shift our energy.”

“Glass has all these important qualities. It’s also endlessly recyclable, so it’s one of the most environmentally friendly materials as well.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Minna Yoo shares her background and how she became an entrepreneur.
  • Why did Minna choose water and glass bottles?
  • The shift Minna took for Love Bottle as it grew.
  • What is Minna’s purpose in focusing on mindful hydration?
  • What makes glass a better choice?
  • Minna talks about how her business became a certified B-Corp.
  • Minna shares her future plans for Love Bottle.

Connect with Minna:

Website: https://www.lovebottle.com/ 

Facebook: @LoveBottle 

IG: @lovebottleusa

LinkedIn: Minna Yoo

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