Episode 31: Now What With Laura Berman Fortgang

Have you ever felt a desire to reinvent yourself? How can you become the version of yourself that you wish to be?

Today, Lorraine brings in a special guest that consistently reinvents herself and teaches others how to do the same. Laura Berman Fortgang’s professional life is anchored by her international reputation as a pioneer with over 25 years of experience in personal coaching. She is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, TV personality, corporate spokesperson, interfaith minister, and performer. Her popular TedX talk currently boasts over 1.6 million views.

Laura’s five books are published in 13 languages. She addresses public and corporate audiences in many parts of the world on topics such as Reinvention, Career Satisfaction and Change, and she coaches diverse clients ranging from homemakers and celebrities to Fortune 500 companies, NASA, and the Army Corps of Engineers. She’s best known for her unique career transition methodology, “Now What?®”, and is currently launching her legacy project, The A-List Coach Business Mentoring Program, to help experienced coaches grow their impact and income.

Laura shares her journey of becoming an actor, an entrepreneur, and a coach, and she explains how her background in acting helped with her coaching career. She shares what inspired her to write her books and discusses how you can learn to reinvent yourself and uncover the next layers of your identity.


“My life was a rag-to-riches story of walking into an unproven profession with complete commitment, knowing how it had changed my life.”

“I like to define acting as becoming, not pretending.”

“When I least expected it, showing up 100% and being committed to it 100% made all these opportunities come to me.”

“When you are feeling the need to reinvent, it should be about peeling it back the layers and getting to the next truer version of yourself.”

“I am a constant reinvention.”

“You’re constantly having to reinvent. But for me, it is always getting truer and truer to yourself.”

“I’m energy that causes change.”

“I constantly am looking for how to keep things fresh, stay relevant. What’s the next iteration, what’s going on with me, is usually what’s going on with the people that I help.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Who is Laura Berman Fortgang?
  • Why did Laura decide to become an entrepreneur?
  • Laura shares her background in acting and how it helped her coaching.
  • How do you reinvent yourself with intent?
  • Laura shares the journey and her inspiration behind writing her books.
  • Laura talks about TED Talk and her A-List group.
  • What’s the next layer of Laura, and how does she figure it out?

Connect with Laura:

Laura’s main Website: www.laurabermanfortgang.com

Group Program for Coaching and Consultants: www.thealistcoach.com

For Career Seekers: www.nowwhatcoaching.com 

Instagram: @laurabfortgang

LinkedIn: Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC

Get Laura’s Freebies here:

Five Step Career Clarity Guide: https://nowwhatcoaching.com/the-five-step-quick-guide-to-clarity

Six Steps from Solopreneur to Sensational Brand: https://www.thealistcoach.com/six-steps/

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