Episode 33: It’s Time to Flip the Marketing Funnel

If you’re a business owner, you probably have experience creating marketing funnels. You try to reach as many people as you can but only end up catching a few. The idea behind the marketing funnel is that casting a wide net will enable you to capture as many leads as possible before narrowing down prospective customers throughout each stage of the purchasing decision. For the last ten years, this has been the philosophy…but how effective is that strategy, really?

In this episode, Lorraine shares reasons why the popular marketing “click” funnel isn’t always effective and provides solutions for how the system can be improved. She offers strategies that can make the experience more enjoyable for potential clients, and she discusses three important ways to get more qualified leads for your business.

Make sure that you listen to the whole episode and take full advantage of Lorraine’s wisdom on how to flip your funnel!


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