Episode 30: Uplevel Your Communication with Dr. Miluna Fausch

Do you ever feel that your business messaging is misunderstood by your target audience? Do you sometimes have trouble communicating your message verbally, as well?

In this episode, Lorraine talks with an inspiring businesswoman who uplevels communication for conscious leaders. Dr. Miluna Fausch has an intuitive problem-solving superpower that comes from years of multifaceted experience working in retail/sales, profiting as an entrepreneur, serving on nonprofit boards, and performing as an onstage/onscreen actor. She has a B.S. in Music Business, a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology and certification from Marianne Williamson as a Miracle-Minded Coach.

 Dr. Fausch created her exclusive Vocal Archetypes℠ program to train conscientious C-suite executives and thought leaders how to exercise confident and effective high-frequency speaking and presenting.

Listen as Dr. Fausch discusses her book, UPLEVEL YOUR Communication, which she created to guide leaders to a better way of communicating. She shares what it was like discovering that she had a massive tumor, her journey to recovery, and how her experiences helped inspire her to write her book. She also talks about the people with whom she works and the difference she hopes to make in their lives.


“This book is for business people, and it’s for those thoughtful, caring, conscientious CEOs, C-suite professionals, leaders who want to communicate, really having the ability to use the right words.”

“I’m the provocateur. So I’m gonna provoke people. I recalibrate, and it’s just my quest and thirst for understanding people and behavior.”

“You may not diminish or say that we’re not experiencing what we’re experiencing. Each one of us has our own path.”

“I’m asking us to wake up, be conscious and compassionate.”

“We want thoughtful leaders. We want vulnerability.”

“Prosperity is being rich and wealthy in every area of my life.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • A short introduction for this episode’s inspiring guest, Dr. Miluna Fausch.

  • Dr. Miluna talks about her book and what led her to write it.

  • How Forbes approached Dr. Fausch to write her book.

  • Dr. Miluna talks about her tumor and her journey to recovery.

  • What journey does UPLEVEL YOUR COMMUNICATION take the reader on?

  • Dr. Miluna shares who she helps and works with.

Connect with Dr. Fausch:

Website: https://www.milunafausch.com/

IG: @milunafausch

Facebook: @DoctorMiluna 

LinkedIn: Miluna Fausch, Ph.D.

YouTube: ​​Miluna Fausch

Get Dr. Miluna Fausch’s book “UpLevel Your Communication” here:

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