Episode 27: How to Build Thought Leadership at Every Stage of Your Business

How do you start building thought leadership now, regardless of the stage your business is in? What are the important steps you need to take in order to become a thought leader in your niche?

In our last episode, Lorraine talked about why you want to become a thought leader. In this episode, Lorraine shares how you can build thought leadership at every stage of your business. She describes what each phase of businesses looks like and the creative steps to take at each stage to build your thought leadership.

Are you ready to take the next step in becoming a thought leader? Then this episode is for you!


“If you wish to become a thought leader, you need to build intellectual influence by practicing innovative thinking, to develop a unique perspective about how to fill a gap in your area of expertise.”

“The key is to put yourself in the right place at the right time.”

“You always want to be intentional about what you’re posting and ask yourself what type of audience will a post attract and what message does it send about your business.”

“Think creatively about how you want to present yourself, but keep in mind that the goal is to grow your visibility and ensure your business always has clients.”

“Don’t make it a habit to overreach because getting turned down will wear on you over time.”

“By the time your business hits maturity, setbacks will still occur, but they’ll tend to have a much smaller impact because you’ve learned how to manage the challenges.”

“Remember to vet your opportunities to ensure they’re the right opportunities for you.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • A quick recap for Episode 26: Why You Want to Be a Thought Leader

  • The four phases of business.

  • The steps to take at different phases of your business to build thought leadership.

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