Episode 28: Running Your Business So It Doesn’t Run You with Staci Hauschild

How do you create a business that fits and supports the lifestyle that you want? How can you, as a business owner, stop being busy with tasks so you can focus on what will move your business forward?

In this episode, Lorraine’s guest addresses these questions and more. Staci Hauschild helps bogged down and busy-as-hell fempreneurs in need of some serious organizational and project management. Staci is a director of operations and ClickUp Consultant who helps feminist entrepreneurs smash the patriarchy via strategic planning, business management, and team leadership so that CEOs can create positive change in the world, claim a big slice of the profit pie and take real business-free vacations.

Staci shares what inspired her to help female entrepreneurs and how she started working online. She shares how she discovered ClickUp, what it is, and how it helps her and her clients. Staci shares her strategic process with her clients in building a business that supports their lifestyles. You will also hear her interesting story of travel and how she settled down in her home today in Mexico.



“I think I’ve always had those operational skills but didn’t realize it.”

“As a former teacher, I understand that people process information differently.”

“The foundation of everything that we do is based on strategic planning.”

“Your business supports your lifestyle.”

“When we know what we need to prioritize, managing our time becomes easier.”

“Your strategic objectives are what I like to call the pillars that sit on the unbreakable foundation.”

“Feminist entrepreneurs are people who are bringing their feminist values into business and wanting their business to support the causes that they believe in.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • Lorraine welcomes listeners back from a two-week break and introduces this episode’s guest, Staci Hauschild.

  • Staci shares the source of her wanderlust and how it’s given her an advantage.

  • Staci discusses her work helping women entrepreneurs. 

  • Staci reveals how she became a ClickUp consultant and why she prefers ClickUp to other project management tools.

  • Staci shares her process and how she works with her clients as well as the types of women she works with.


Connect with Staci:

Website: https://stacihauschild.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacihauschild/ 


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