Episode 26: Why You Want to Be a Thought Leader

When you think about thought leadership, what comes to mind first? What is a thought leader, exactly? Are there specific steps you can take to become one?

In this episode, Lorraine discusses why you want to become a thought leader in your industry. She outlines three important steps to take and shares a creative and colorful analogy to inspire you as you build your thought leadership.

Are you interested in becoming a thought leader? Then dive into this week’s episode of The Prosper Project!


“You want to be a thought leader in your field because when you are the recognized authority, you are the one that propels forward, you become a resource for that expertise.”

“Credibility is so important because more people are willing to listen to you.”

“You want to distinguish yourself from the others in your field.”

“It’s about creating polarity because your perspective is not only unique, but it’s also authentic and something you believe.”

“Sell to the gap in your market.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • What is a thought leader?

  • The steps you need to take to become a thought leader.

  • The blue, red, and purple ocean analogy.


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