Episode 19: Your Great Reassessment

The pandemic has affected employees which lead to the great resignation which became the great reassessment. But how does this great reassessment affect entrepreneurs?

I’m excited to share this episode that is five months in the making. In this episode, we will talk about the results of the study I made with my conversations with over 30 women entrepreneurs from November 2021 till mid-April of this year. I share the five most interesting trends I discovered from these conversations and my own personal reassessment of my business.

By the end of the episode, my hope is that you will find these trends helpful as you discover your own great reassessment as an entrepreneur and as an individual.


“Many realized that their priorities had shifted and that work was going to have to shift to accommodate those new priorities.”

“Hustle, grind, and busy are no longer badges of honor. Instead, women entrepreneurs are in pursuit of simplicity and leaning into their feminine energy.”

“The truth is that entrepreneurs, like employees, answer to many different people and they desire more freedom in their lives.”

“Entrepreneurs report that they are craving a connection and that this craving connection is focused on connecting with other entrepreneurs.”

“Women entrepreneurs are actively looking to work with people who share their values.”

“More women entrepreneurs are prioritizing how they feel rather than how much they want to make.”

“When we discern what we want to feel, we can begin to see the life need to create to experience those feelings.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Lorraine shares the results of her special project.

  • Five interesting trends that Lorraine discovered through her study.

  • Lorraine’s personal experience during her own entrepreneurial reassessment.

  • Two episodes featuring amazing insights of her guests on trends.

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