Episode 18: Scaling With Faith and Joy with Judy Weber

How do you scale your business with faith and joy? Can you create a business that serves business owners from joy?

Lorraine is bringing in an inspiring, powerful, and joyful guest for this episode, Judy Weber. Judy teaches successful Christian women how to scale their business faithfully

(and without apology). Her mission is to help 6-figure female entrepreneurs scale to that next level, with joy! To live out their faith and boldly pursue their God-given purpose as a powerfully innovative CEO & influential heart-led thought leader.

Judy shares her incredible career journey, from being a lawyer, an interior designer and then, after a summer spent on the couch with her Bible, becoming a coach for successful women. She shares what inspired her to become a coach and the joys she’s found. Judy also talks about joyful scaling and how it creates an impact on the people she serves. 


“I am high energy, I’m ambitious. I want to do something else, so I launched my first business as an interior decorator.”

“Every day I’m confirmed that this is exactly what everything I’ve done, all those experiences, have led to.”

“I am strong and bold. God needed me to teach women to come out and to go all-in on who they are made to be so that they can impact the world because right now they’re playing small,”

“I just want to say there’s three hallmarks to my business – faith, strategy, and simplicity.”

“I teach my clients to not hold back, go all-in on their faith, and really live that faith.”

“Spend the next quarter dialing it in and figuring out what you want out of your business and coming from this powerful place of CEO instead of too busy employee.”

“Too many gurus had told entrepreneurs that start low and then prove yourself to them, and then they will go up the ascension.”

“We do it all with joy, because if we’re not having fun doing this then why are we doing it?”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Judy shares her inspiring and unusual career story from sales to law to interior design and, finally, coaching.
  • How divine intervention during a summer on the couch led Judy to become a coach.

  • The three hallmarks of the Judy Weber Co. business.

  • How Judy works with successful women and helps them scale their businesses.

  • Judy talks about joyful scaling. 

Connect with Judy:

Website: https://judyweber.co/ 

IG: @judyweberco

Facebook: @judyweberco

LinkedIn: Judy Weber

YouTube: Joyful Scaling for Female CEOs

Podcast: Joyful Scaling for Christian Female CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Pinterest: @judyweberco

Grab Judy’s The Ultimate Scaling Guide Workbook where you can learn 4 strategies for exponential growth to impact more lives and dramatically increase revenue, towards that coveted 7-figure mark here: https://judyweber.co/

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