Episode 20: Answering “What’s Next?” with Elizabeth Ribons

At some point during your professional journey, you will experience failure. And when this happens, you will probably ask yourself, “what’s next?”

In this episode, Lorraine talks to a life-long entrepreneur who chooses to embrace the fail and what comes next, Elizabeth Ribons. Entrepreneur and founder of NEXT, Elizabeth created a  platform, resources, and workshops utilizing the tools and experience she implemented for 30 years, expanding on design thinking to meet change and empower NEXT’s. She shares in her podcast, speaking, and writing the tools to create the steps, space, framework, and gain agency to explore and create your NEXT and to continue to navigate change throughout your career and your life!

Elizabeth shares how she faces change and why failure should be embraced. She talks about how she uses design thinking, who she works with, and how she helps her clients. 


“We have to remain nimble. And I did it in my life because I wanted to, and I wanted to show up for the things that were super important.”

“We’re like threads. Each of us brings in something really important to the fabric of our lives.”

“We are definitely having to be our own brands now in the sense that we have to gather up everything we are, continue to refine that, and find where we can best fit in and live our best lives.”

“Keep checking in with that life plan and adjusting it. It’s that nimble fluid way of looking at life and keeping clear on what it is you do best.”

“Things are changing so rapidly that I believe that we all have to take some time to step back, reassess, reset, you know, pull together some tools that we can navigate with now.”

“With design thinking, there’s always empathy. It’s understanding where they’re at, what’s not working, what is working, and then go into developing what it is they do so well.”

“I think we really need to embrace the fail.”

“To fail is really to learn.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • A brief introduction about Elizabeth.

  • How can you keep up with the changes around you and remain relevant to the people you serve?

  • Elizabeth’s evolution as an entrepreneur.

  • Elizabeth talks about her proven process and how she works with her clients.

  • How does a strong sense of community benefit Elizabeth’s members?

  • Elizabeth talks about her podcast, NEXT.

  • How does Elizabeth help people who come to her with doubt or crises?

  • How does design thinking in business work?

  • Why do you need to embrace failure?


Connect with Elizabeth:

Website: https://www.elizabethribons.com/ 

Elizabeth’s IG: @elizabeth_ribons

Elizabeth’s Facebook: @elizabeth_ribons

LinkedIn: Elizabeth Ribons

Podcast: NEXT with Elizabeth Ribons

NEXT Career & Life Website: https://www.nextcareerlife.com/ 

NEXT Career & Life – Elizabeth Ribons IG: @nextcareerlife

NEXT Career & Life – Elizabeth Ribons Facebook: @NEXTCareerLife

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