Episode 15: Sweet Success with Daphne Subar

Can you find sweet success and create an impact in other people’s lives as an entrepreneur?

In this episode, Lorraine talks with former lawyer turned baker, Daphne Subar. Daphne is the Chief Baking Officer and Founder of Subarzsweets, an online gift-giving service that specializes in a unique baked good, Subarz. After practicing law for two decades, Daphne followed her dreams and passion and opened a bakery. She launched Subarz after being encouraged and nudged by my friends and family, and she is now enjoying her sweet success.

Daphne takes us on her journey from lawyer to baker, sharing the bumps and sweet surprises of being an entrepreneur. From her business process to how the pandemic affected her business, Daphne is open in sharing her recipe for fulfillment. Daphne also shares how her family inspired her in her business, her thoughts on being creative, and what the future holds for Subarz.

Listen to the episode and be inspired by Daphne’s success and how she inspires and helps other people, one sweet bite at a time.


“I kept coming up with excuses and they kept challenging me. And finally, I got to the point and I’m like, what is holding me back?”


“I am shocked at how much I love being an entrepreneur. I love that I’m always learning and there’s so much to learn about running a business.”


“People nowadays love a handwritten note versus a computer-generated note.”


“People were really thoughtful during the pandemic. They were so heartfelt and people were appreciative and thoughtful.”


“I kind of did a pivot and started something that was in a lot of ways, much harder than practicing law.”


“Just seeing the kindness in people has been really, really great.”


“To prosper means to me really helping others. It’s really getting real joy out of helping others send sweetness.”


“I really like that on a personal level, I connect with my clients and I can really help. I help make this world a little bit sweeter bite by bite.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • Lorraine introduces her sweet and creative guest for this episode, Daphne Subar.


  • Daphne shares her journey from being a lawyer to becoming an entrepreneur.


  • Daphne shares what it was like to start a bakery and shift from her career as a lawyer.


  • Daphne talks about her process in her business.


  • What are the bumps that Daphne experienced when she started Subarz?


  • Daphne shares the good surprises of being an entrepreneur.


  • What are Daphne’s plans for the future of Subarz?


  • Lorraine and Daphne talk about their daughters, creativity, and flavors of Subarz. 

Connect with Daphne:

Website: https://www.subarzsweets.com/ 

IG: @subarz

Facebook: @Subarz

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