Episode 16: Daily Democracy with Sara Gifford

Democracy and how voters exercise their rights to vote create a huge impact on a nation. And this is what ActiVote advocates.

In this episode, Lorraine talks with Sara Gifford, Co-Founder of ActiVote, an app that helps change the way citizens engage with their government. Sara is a dynamic and dedicated executive offering 15 years of experience in sales, consulting, software development, project management, implementation, leadership, and coaching. She is part of a team of technology professionals who put their math and programming skills towards voter participation, nonpartisan, and really about getting people to exercise their right to vote.

Sara shares what ActiVote is, how she and her co-founders came up with the app and the idea, and how it works. She shares what inspired her to create the app and what information she gets from the people who use the app. Sara talks about the experiences and feedback she had since creating and launching the app. She shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and her role in the business with her co-founders. She also shares what inspired her to have ActiVote a B-Corp certified.


“ActiVote is for voters and it’s for them to feel confident and informed to vote in every single election.”

“We wanted to make a one-stop-shop for everything. A voter needs to be engaged and that’s not just in the elections.”

“What we do is we wrap it all together and what we call daily democracy.”

“We all decided to take a break. We just wanted to do something good.”

“We should appreciate that each person has nuance to their beliefs and they may have a liberal belief on one issue and a conservative belief on another and a centrist belief on another.”

“We don’t care who people vote for. We just want them to vote.”

“We are nonpartisan. We have a very strong opinion about voting and that we think you should do it.”

“We take that feedback to heart and we constantly try to think of ways to make it simpler.”

“I think there’s some of those little moments and those little lessons that you have to take to make sure you keep going.”

“One of the biggest surprises to me was how much I enjoyed other people’s success in everything.”

“We think confident voters are going to show up.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Lorraine introduces her inspiring guest, Sara Gifford.

  • Sara shares what ActiVote is all about and how the app works.

  • What inspired Sara and her co-founders to create the ActiVote app?

  • Sara shares when the app came out of the market and the experiences and feedback she has encountered.

  • What kind of information does ActiVote have from the people who download the app?

  • What surprised Sara about being an entrepreneur?

  • Sara shares the roles or the focus of each co-founder of ActiVote and how they work with each other.

  • Why did Sara and her co-founders decide to go for B-Corp certification?

Connect with Sara:

LinkedIn: Sara Gifford

ActiVote Facebook: ActiVote US

Download the ActiVote App here: http://www.activote.com/prosper 

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