Episode 14: Outlier Leadership with Brandi P. Sheffield

How do you become a leader of your own business or organization?

In this episode, Lorraine brings in an inspirational and exceptional leader and CEO, Brandi P. Sheffield. Brandi has led teams of 100+ people using and teaching executive presence to influence and impact people and organizations. As a Sr. Executive Director, Brandi has built a legacy of leaders by coaching executive colleagues and lower management to transform their leadership. She is the CEO of Learning Associates and Designer/Founder of the Career Acceleration Incubator program, The Outlier Leader. Brandi equips highly skilled career women to move up faster or move on to their next higher-paying role with a better opportunity by developing their executive presence & leadership.

Brandi takes us on her journey from being an executive to becoming a business owner. She shares how she works with her clients and what kinds of results they achieve. Brandi also shares her thoughts on leadership, the struggles women often face, and advice on promotions. 

Make sure you listen till the end to hear Brandi reveal why she’s exiting her other social media platforms and sticking just with LinkedIn for her business.


“I could have been devastated and crumbled, but I was like, I don’t need to prove anything to you. I know who I am. I know my integrity.”

“The lesson that I learned was to get help. I believe in coaching, I believe everyone needs a coach.”

“I develop their leadership presence and their executive presence.”

“The first process is a deep sense of your core values through self-reflective change management.”

“Now that you have this executive presence that you show up with, you have a sphere of people who will recommend you, network with you, sing your praises, so on and so on.”

“My ideal client really is a highly skilled professional woman who had just been stuck and it could be for any reason.”

“What I found was men and women get two different messages from early on and then growing up.”

“We get lots of men and an image of leadership that is male but doesn’t often have the skill for the position. And then we get women who are more than capable to do the job becomes support instead of her taking the lead role.”

“You want people who will give you honest feedback. Feedback is how we grow.”

“What leadership is supposed to be is it’s supposed to impact and influence the other people who you lead.”

“I believe in teaching people, I believe in giving the information and that is not the audience in Facebook and Instagram.”

“My love language and my passion is serving other people. So when I see other people, the light clicks on and it flourishes in their life. It gives me joy. “

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Brandi shares her experiences and lessons in starting her own business.
  • How Brandi works with clients.
  • Brandi talks about the unique struggles women experience that men do not.
  • What are the common results Brandi sees in her clients?
  • Brandi’s tips and/or insights for people who are taking the next step for promotion.
  • Brandi shares her thoughts on leaving a job and becoming a leader.
  • Why did Brandi leave Facebook and Instagram, and decide to stick with LinkedIn?
  • What will the next iteration of Brandi’s business look like?

Connect with Brandi:

LinkedIn: Brandi P. Sheffield 

Brandi’s Freebie:

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