Episode 11: The Secret to Organic Growth

When you hear the words “organic growth”, what comes to mind first? The responses I usually get are that it’s too complicated, too time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be!

In this episode, I will share the secret behind organic growth and how you can make it happen for your own business. I will give you actionable steps that will allow you to build your brand authority and start bringing in your potential clients into your sphere of influence. I will also give an example of how I used the same steps and grew my brand and business to where it is today.

Join me and discover how you can establish your brand authority and become the go-to expert through organic growth.


“The secret to organic growth is really simple – be the solution.”

“I can use my long-form content, really build relationships with people who are looking for the kinds of services that I offer.”

“Position yourself as the solution to your ideal clients’ or customers’ problem.”

“The key is to make sure that you’re using the same keywords in every post and every video and every audio because you’re trying to build up your organic growth, which happens by people searching.”

“You’re nurturing people, bringing them into your sphere of influence, and you’re also nurturing people who have already opted into you and your services by continuing to serve them.”

“Be gentle on yourself. We don’t typically write like we talk.”

“The idea is to serve first and begin to build a relationship with your ideal customers, even if you give people your playbook for how you do things.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Why I prefer organic growth over paid ads.
  • The simple secret behind successful organic growth.
  • How to determine the problems of your potential clients.
  • How to build brand authority and organic growth quickly.

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