Episode 12: Addressing Entrepreneur Loneliness with Julie Stenberg

As an entrepreneur, have you had times where people around you haven’t been able to relate to your experiences? How did it make you feel? Have you ever felt lonely as you built your business up?

Loneliness hits so many business owners and in this episode, Lorraine addresses this challenge with award-winning, Master Certified Leadership and Life Coach Julie Stenberg. Julie is the founder of Call to Lead Coaching and serves individuals and organizations through full-suite one-to-one coaching services, online group, and hybrid programs, as well as live workshops and events. Her programs are based on a three-legged stool, including your personal life, physical life, and professional life. It’s Julie’s belief that all three areas should be honored and developed to live in alignment and deep satisfaction.

In this episode, Julie shares how loneliness shows up in an entrepreneur’s personal, physical, and professional life. She talks about the woman on the island syndrome and why it happens to most businesswomen. She shares how self-awareness can make a difference in how women entrepreneurs share their authentic selves. You’ll also get some tips on how to find the right coach for you.


“We are actually spread very, very thin, but to our 9-5 friends and associates, it looks like our schedule is wide open.”


“We sort of build an island for ourselves, this beautiful place, and this is continuously and existence in our mind. And in order to make that reality, we do need to talk about it a lot.”


“In the very creation of your business, you are creating an island for you to exist on so that you’re happy and you are fulfilled and you have to be very protective of it.”


“Loneliness is the absolute beginning of every act of infidelity I’ve ever witnessed.”


“The first place to go is inside your body. Start feeling what your body feels like because it tells you exactly what you need to know, exactly what you need to be doing.”


“Too often, the connections that we do have are very superficial. Because we are afraid that if someone actually sees who we really are, they won’t like us.”


“I think everybody’s going to get a little bit happy and a little bit crappy.”


“If you can experience joy freely and with no restraint, then I feel that you’re closer to your authentic design.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Lorraine shares why she wants to talk about entrepreneurial loneliness and introduces her knowledgeable guest, Julie Stenberg.
  • Why are entrepreneurs especially at risk for loneliness?
  • Julie talks about the woman on the island syndrome.
  • Why do women find it hard to talk about winning and their success?
  • Julie talks about the impact of loneliness on ambitious, motivated women through her three-legged stool concept.
  • What is the negative impact of the pandemic, stress, and loneliness on entrepreneurs?
  • Julie shares some tips on how to become more self-aware and how to present your authentic self.
  • How does Julie work with women and entrepreneurs to solve or address their loneliness?
  • Julie gives some tips on how to find the right coach.

Connect with Julie:

Website: https://www.calltoleadcoaching.com/ 

IG: @juliestenberg1

Join Julie’s Life is Calling Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeiscalling 

LinkedIn: Julie Stenberg

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