Episode 10: From Corporate Leader to Entrepreneur With Debra Boulanger

Corporate work can have a lot of benefits but an increasing number of women are deciding it is worth it to shift to entrepreneurship and follow their passion. Where do you start and how do you create a business that thrives?

In this episode, Lorraine is joined by an accomplished corporate leader who shifted to entrepreneurship, Debra “Deb” Boulanger. Deb is an inspirational leader, speaker, launch expert, and host of The Life After Corporate Podcast. Deb works with smart, accomplished women leaders to make the leap from corporate to entrepreneur and replace their 6-figure paycheck. Over the last 20 years, Deb has launched dozens of services that generated hundreds of millions in revenue for her clients, and launched and grew a single division from 0 to $32 Million in 30 months. She is on a mission to close the revenue gap with women business owners.

Deb shares her story of the good and not-so-good aspects of corporate life that influenced her decision to build her own business. She reveals how the revenue gap inspired her to help businesswomen close the gap through pricing and identifying the needs in the market. She explains who she works with and how she works with her clients to build their businesses and charge their worth. She talks about the process of building her own team to continue to serve her clients and the value of having a great support system.

You’ll enjoy listening as Deb drops wise and inspiring words that will help you whether you’re thinking of making the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship or just looking for insights on the business you’re already running.


“I decided that I needed to do something vastly different in my life and that meant taking the leap and leaving the corporate world behind.”

“You solve a real problem that someone is willing to pay for.”

“You create something that stands out and has a differentiated value proposition from all the other offerings out there.”

“You haven’t failed. You’ve just been focused in the wrong direction.”

“Whatever I develop is based on the demand. We want demand before we build supply. Otherwise, you’re like a hammer in search of a nail.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • A short introduction of who Deb is and what she does in her business.
  • What was the good and not so good about corporate life and what inspired Deb to take the leap to entrepreneurship?
  • Deb shares the kinds of businesswomen she works with.
  • The programs and transformations that Deb offers to her clients, including consultants.
  • What Deb loves most in her work.
  • Why women undercharge for their services.
  • Some unexpected benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Connect with Deb:

Website: https://thegreatdoover.com/ 

IG: @deb_boulanger

Facebook Group: Life After Corporate Facebook Group

LinkedIn: Deb Boulanger

Podcast: Life After Corporate Podcast

Deb’s Freebies:

Reverse engineer your revenue goal through and download The Expert’s Pricing Calculator here:

Attract and engage new prospects who convert into clients and join Deb’s Stand Out Webinars here:

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