Episode 97: The Number 1 Way to Cut Through the Noise

In this episode, I share how indulging in some Sunday scrolling on social media led me to the realization that many small business owners are getting really bad advice about how to market online. In particular, there are two philosophies that seem to be gaining traction.

The first is that entrepreneurs should “always be selling.” As a professional communicator with more than three decades of experience, I can promise you, this philosophy will hurt any business that adapts it.

The second philosophy that worries me is the copied content trend. Tons of entrepreneurs are literally copying other entrepreneurs’ content. From social posts to sales pages, it’s shocking, disrespectful, and illegal.

I believe people follow these trends because they think it will help them stand out and attract new customers, but the opposite is true. Tune in as I share what to do instead and tell you the number one thing you can do to cut through the noise in your market and become the leader you want to be!


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Key Points:

  • When a business is always selling, it’s transactional. People view that business as a commodity and will typically only buy based on price because they’re not loyal.

  • Copying someone else’s work is always a bad move. It’s wrong to steal from someone else and their loyal followers will inevitably call you out for it.

  • These two examples demonstrate extremely big mistakes I see in marketing. The solution, however, is the same for both: focus on building your brand.

  • Businesses that build strong brands, from identity to experience, choose long-term value over short-term gain.

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