Episode 96: Kindness as a Tool for Success with David Gaz

David Gaz is an international creative director, filmmaker and photographer. He is Founder of The Bureau of Small Projects, a branding agency that leverages their relationships with Fortune 500 companies and major brands to help small businesses, startups and nonprofits make a BIG impact.

In this episode, David discusses the inspiration for his agency: the critically acclaimed 2014 documentary, Kindness Is Contagious, about the benefits of being kind. The film was directed by David and narrated by Catherine Ryan Hyde, bestselling author of the book (and movie) Pay It Forward.

David uses his experience and expertise with major brands and Fortune 500 companies to provide better branding, web development and marketing for Silicon Valley VC firms, startups, nonprofits and small businesses that aim to make a difference.


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Website: https://www.smallprojectsbureau.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgaz


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Key Points

  • Brand is about strategy

  • Your brand should be built around how you are different and better than your competitors

  • Always make it right with clients

  • Kindness is a great tool for success


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