Episode 89: 7 Principles of Influence

Influence is the currency of the online market. Influence is mandatory for businesses that want to build a following, grow sales, or achieve massive impact.

Influence can also help you gain media attention, get book deals, speak on stages, earn awards, and much more.

Social psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini identified the Seven Principles of Influence: reciprocity, consistency, social proof, authority, liking, scarcity, and unity. Join me as I talk about how each of these principles works and how you can leverage them to build your own influence in the online market. 


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Key Points:

  • Attention is not the currency of the online market—influence is.

  • Building influence is a long game. Understanding the principles is a great first step.

  • Understanding the social psychology of influence enables you to understand it from both your audience’s perspective and yours as the business owner. 

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