Episode 88: Brand Evolution

Welcome to the first official episode of Brand for Good, formerly The Prosper Project. 

 Have you ever had the realization that you’re going through some kind of metamorphosis and that your business needs to evolve to accommodate that change?

 That’s what happened to me in 2023. It wasn’t sudden. It was more of a rising tide. I felt it as a subtle nudge that became a wave of certainty leading me to a higher place of calling and service.

 In this episode, I’ll explain what that looks like for me, why I changed the name of the show and what you can expect in future episodes and opportunities.


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Key Points:

From the time I named my agency Prosper for Purpose, I knew that my calling was to use my communication skills to help brands do more good in the world.

 During the process of my three-year vision casting, I re-evaluated my business and discovered that I really want to talk more about how brands can have a positive impact on the world. But for many people, that looks like them standing on one side of a stream with the impact on the other. I want to be the bridge.

 I’d like this podcast to be a real resource for you. I’d like to hear from you. Tell me what your marketing challenges are and I’ll address as many of them as I can.

 My expertise lies in strategy, storytelling and PR as well as brand identity, influence and impact.

In the next episode, I’ll be talking about why influence is the true currency of the online market and how you can grow yours. I can’t wait to share more ways you can brand for good.

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