Episode 74: Branding Construction Trades as Noble & Necessary with Chris Eccleston

Chris Eccleston is the President and founder of Delmarva Veteran Builders located in Salisbury, Maryland. He has been in the construction industry since 2007, managing more than 150 million dollars in commercial construction projects and landing on the Inc. 500. His reputation for hiring veterans earned his company the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award.

Chris has built not only a corporate brand but a personal one as well. Now he’s on a mission to build up the brand of the construction trades as noble and necessary, starting with the children’s book he co-wrote with his creative developer, Jenny Schroen. The book’s title borrows his company tagline, Grit Leads to Greatness.

This episode is for those who want to do more than build a hugely successful company; those who want to build a brand with lasting impact for their industry and the world.


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