Episode 40: Gender Fair With Amy Cross

How can business owners ensure that their business supports gender equality? What steps can they take to encourage gender fairness across the entire business community?

Businesses are facing a growing number of lawsuits demanding fair pay and equitable opportunities. In this episode, I discuss this pressing issue with an ingenious gender fair advocate, Amy-Willard Cross. Amy is the founder of the Gender Fair Index, the first consumer rating system for gender equality. It rates companies on their leadership, employee policies, advertising, and philanthropy for women. Currently, the database holds four years worth of information on 300 companies, and soon, it will contain data on thousands more.

Amy graduated with honors from Wellesley College, and since the 1880s, all of the women in her family have attended women’s colleges. In 2012, Amy created the women’s news site, VITAMIN W, which rated women’s banks and colleges. For the two decades prior to that, Amy worked as a writer and editor for a number of national magazines and two magazine startups, and Foreign Policy named her one of their 2015 Global Thinkers for her work on “Economic Girl Power.” She also speaks at numerous conferences on the topic of women’s consumer power.

This week on The Prosper Project, Amy teaches listeners how entrepreneurs use Gender Fair data to support the movement toward gender equality. She talks about her business journey and reveals what led her to push for companies to adopt gender fair policies. She also shares her thoughts concerning equal pay and discusses the opportunities that women entrepreneurs have to stand up and speak out as gender fair advocates.

If you’re ready to grow your awareness and raise your voice in support of gender fairnessthereby helping empower women and develop a business community that adheres to gender fair policiesthis episode is definitely for you.


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