Episode 39: How PR Works

When you hear “PR” or “public relations,” what comes to mind first? How does PR work? Do you need it for your business?

The irony about the PR industry is that it does a terrible job at relaying to the public what PR actually entails. You will rarely hear people describe PR in detail or refer to the people who work in PR. That’s why, in this episode, I peel back the curtain to help you understand how PR works and why you need it. I share the definition of “public relations” and what true PR professionals do for their clients. I also provide some examples of how PR can enhance the success of your business or brand.

Are you ready to learn more about PR and how it works? Then tune in!


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Key Points:

  • What is public relations?
  • Examples of how PR works.
  • What are the tools a quality PR agency employs?


  • “True PR professionals aren’t attempting to mislead the public, but trying to establish win-win relationships with the right audiences for the brand they represent.”
  • “Public relations is reputation management.”
  • “The purpose of PR might be to convince an audience to purchase your product or service, support your position or cause, or to change their mind about something.”
  • “PR professionals are storytellers. They create narratives to advance their goals.”
  • “PR issues to protect, enhance, and build reputations through publicity, social media, and owned media.”
  • “A good PR practitioner will analyze the organization, find the unique value proposition and key differentiators, and translate those qualities into positive messages and stories.”
  • “ True PR practitioners need to be expert storytellers, know how to craft a pitch, understand strategy, and much, much more.”

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