Episode 35: Borrow Other People’s Audiences

What are your strategies for reaching new audiences? How do you leverage your connections to help grow your business?

In Episode 33, I challenged you to flip your marketing funnel. In this episode, I’m talking about next-level relationship marketing—the power of borrowing other people’s audiences. I share why it is important and how you should go about leveraging other audiences to grow your business.

Are you ready to create more connections and uplevel your marketing? Then let’s dive in!


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Key Points:

  • What is the power of borrowing other people’s audiences?


  • Why does it make sense to leverage other people’s audiences?


  • What are the ways you can leverage other people’s audiences?



  • “The power of borrowing other people’s audiences is next level relationship marketing, leveraging relationships with people who have influence with the people you would like to work with.”


  • “The power of other people’s audiences is that you are borrowing their brand authority, speaking to someone else’s audience as an indirect referral.”


  • “Think about people trying to grow their business. It doesn’t always have to be directly related to what they do.”


  • “The idea is that you’re creating a very special offer and promoting it to multiple audiences.”


  • “It’s that old adage that the same tide lifts all ships. This is definitely something that I’ve seen work over and over again, as long as you’re willing to put the effort into it in your speaker’s arc as well.”


  • “The media publicity increases the visibility of your business while establishing credibility with your prospective clients or customers.”

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