Episode 3: Brand on Purpose

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When you started your business, what was the first thing that you worked on? Was it your brand colors, website, branding, or did you get straight to how you can make a profit?

According to Dr. Milton Friedman, the “real purpose of a business is to increase its profit.” But is this still true in today’s businesses? This is one theory that I used to believe in, but as I discovered my brand’s true purpose, I learned that it is not all about the money. And in this episode, I want to share what brand on purpose really means.

Learn my simple definition of brand purpose and why it is a key component in building your business. I’ll explain how being clear on your purpose can help you attract the right employees and clients. I’ll dive into brand positioning and share the importance of writing, sharing, and embodying your purpose statement.

Stay until the end and do a fun exercise to help you define your brand purpose!


“I do believe that nearly all business owners start a company to do more than making money, they just don’t talk about it.”

“Your brand is essentially the total of what you create and put out in the world and how the world receives and engages with.”

“I don’t just want to help entrepreneurs create a brand identity, I want to help them build and scale peerless brands.”

“Peerless brands leverage two things, purpose, and connection.”

“Your brand purpose is your ‘why.’ It’s your reason for being. It is not your vision and it is not your mission.”

“People are attracted to your purpose.”

“Vision is essentially the essence of your purpose made possible.”

“Your passion is what you really love doing, and your purpose is how you take that and turn it into a business or non-profit.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • What is a brand purpose and why do I want to share my thoughts on this episode?
  • I will talk about Dr. Milton Friedman’s statement about the real purpose of businesses and why it is no longer applicable to today’s businesses.
  • Why is your purpose a key component of your brand and your business?
  • What is brand positioning? How does it affect the growth of your business?
  • How can your brand purpose attract the right people for your business?
  • I will share my thoughts about the difference between your passion and your purpose, and some great examples.
  • Why do you need to write, share, and live by your purpose statement?
  • I will share an exciting exercise that can help you define your brand purpose.

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