Episode 2: Book to Booked with Hayley Paige of Notebook

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How do you follow your childhood dream and create a career and a business that helps other entrepreneurs gain brand authority? How do you get booked from sharing your story through writing lead-generating books?

In the second episode of The Prosper Project, I am thrilled to have Hailey Paige, owner of Award-Winning Notebook Publishing, Black Cherry Publications, and Emmie Press Best Seller marketing Cover Creation Code© Notebook Academy. She has recently penned “Entrepreneur. Book. Success.: How to Attract Ideal Clients as Paying Leads while Positioning Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche”. When she is not busy with business expansion and creativity and book publication, she spends her days coaching business owners and entrepreneurs and writing and publishing for the purposes of achieving lead generation and greater authority in their status and niche.

In this episode, Hailey gets to talk about her incredible story, what inspired her as a little girl to get into books and publishing, and where she is based today. She will share how she built her business, who she typically works with, and her process when working with entrepreneurs. Hailey will talk about hybrid publishing, what makes it better than traditional and self-publishing, and how it can help entrepreneurs gain brand authority. She will also share some words of wisdom about consistency, helping people despite being uncomfortable, and what it means to have a prosperous life.


“A lead generating nonfiction is all about taking that next step, up-leveling yourself and your business, telling your story, showcasing your expertise, talking about what you do, and really showing up for your ideal clients.”

“You definitely do need to sacrifice in order to build a business. But that does not mean 18 hour days, not being super present with your children, and not having two days off a year.”

“People engage with what you’re saying and what you’re delivering and how you can help them.”

“You just need to just show up and show somebody your heart and soul and how you can help.”

“Hybrid publishing is a middle ground between traditional publishing and self-publishing.”

“Lead generating nonfiction is very focused on attracting your ideal clients in the form of readers.”

“Everybody’s metric and gauge for success is different and there’s no right or wrong.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • What type of entrepreneurs Hailey typically works with.
  • Where Hailey is based today and her incredible story on how she got to achieve one of her childhood dreams.
  • How she discovered publishing and her inspiring story on how she started her career.
  • Hailey shares her story of leaving an abusive relationship and thriving as a single mother while building her business.
  • Hailey talks about being an introvert and the lessons she learned as she overcomes her own barriers.
  • How does consistency make a difference in your business and in helping people despite being uncomfortable?
  • How does Hailey help entrepreneurs gain brand authority as a hybrid publisher?
  • What makes hybrid publishing better than traditional and self-publishing?
  • The advantages of writing lead-generating nonfiction books.
  • What does having a prosperous life mean for Hailey?

Connect with Hailey Paige:

The Notebook Publishing Website: Notebook Publishing

Onyx Publishing Website: Onyx Publishing

Hailey Paige International Website: Hailey Paige International

IG: @hayleypaigeinternational

Facebook: @haileypaige

Twitter: @hayleypaigeprof

LinkedIn: Hayley Paige Publisher, Book Coach and Ghostwriter 

Join her Powerhouse Women: Book to Booked Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/booktobooked 

Check Hailey’s latest book “Entrepreneur. Book. Success.: How to Attract Ideal Clients as Paying Leads while Positioning Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche” here: https://www.amazon.com/Entrepreneur-Book-Success-Positioning-Authority/dp/191320622X 

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