Episode 23: Prosperous Publicity

As a business owner, having the right publicity can help your business grow your visibility, scale your sales and create a lasting impact. But for small business owners, hiring a PR team may not be possible, and taking the DIY route might become overwhelming.

When I started my company Prosper for Purpose in 2013, I wanted to create an impact and use my skills in strategy, storytelling, and public relations to help changemakers create their impact. After 10 years in business, I can say that we are making that difference. And in this episode, I want to share a gift and an invitation that can help you be in front of people you want to serve and work with. These are my ways of helping small business owners, coaches, and consultants create more impact and opportunities.

If you want to be more visible and build your reputation, then this episode is definitely for you!



“After working with hundreds of brands, I can say that getting the right publicity is a gamechanger for your business. That’s what I call prosperous publicity.”

“You probably didn’t start your business just to make money. You started it because you wanted to make an impact.”


“Publicity is for anyone who has a proven business model and a message they want to share.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • What is prosperous publicity?

  • The Perfect Your Pitch: Your Go-To Guide for Getting Publicity e-book.

  • The Prosperous Publicity Course – what it’s about and how it can help you build your reputation.


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Listen to Episode 5: What is PR and How Can It Help Your Business here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ph/podcast/the-prosper-project/id1604989158?i=1000548928927 

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