Episode 22: The Art of Hospitality with May Yeo Silvers

How do you build an events business that is different and creates memorable experiences?

In this episode, Lorraine speaks with May Yeo Silvers, a successful entrepreneur in the field of events and hospitality. May is an event planner and coach with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder of Events4Anyone where she provides mentorship to event/wedding planners to help them start and grow their event/wedding planning business to a six-figure profit company. She also owns the event planning company M2 Hospitality. She started her journey as a food and beverage trainee at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore, and eventually moved to Miami. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, May is a happy wife and proud mom.

May shares how having a hospitality brand distinguishes her in the events field. She talks about the importance of taking leaps of faith and investing in your personal and business growth in order to serve people better. She shares how she was able to build a sustainable and profitable hospitality and events business. May also talks about why she shifted from serving big companies and celebrities to serving coaches and consultants.


“Events are all about bringing people together and creating a memorable experience.”

“I had the opportunity to understand how important vendor relationship are. Those are the people I consider as my team.”

“I wanted to live my best life and I want it to do what I love doing every day, waking up every day, doing what I love, and have the income to support the lifestyle.”

“Everything that I’m teaching is exactly what I have done. And you can learn from me and avoid those mistakes.”

“Understand that failure is inevitable, but it’s how you perceive a result. Give meaning to the result and that meaning is what is going to propel you or hinder you.”

“I want to do events where we’re putting in people that we all help one another, and at the same time, learn from a leader that we respect.”

“I think that it is extremely important to ask yourself why you want to have a business.”

Key Points of the Episode:

  • Lorraine shares a short introduction for this episode’s inspirational guest, May Silvers.

  • How does being an event planner with a hospitality brand make a difference in May’s approach?

  • May shares her thoughts on starting and running her own profitable hospitality and events business.

  • May talks about taking leaps of faith, investing in yourself, and how her coaching program works.

  • What made May shift from events for big corporations and celebrities to running events for coaches and consultants?

  • How do you create sustainability to serve yourself, the people around you, and the world?

Connect with May:

M2 Hospitality Website: https://www.m2hospitality.com/ 

Events4Anyone Website: https://www.events4anyone.com/ 

Facebook: @mayyeosilvers

LinkedIn: May Yeo Silvers

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