The Happier Workplace

Pretty much everyone has a story (or ten) of “the workplace from hell,” or even just the workplace they dreaded. Wouldn’t you rather work in the happier workplace? Of course you would.

No matter how much your organization engages with external customers and stakeholders, it’s tough to prosper if the people who are there are disengaged, looking for other work, too stressed to function well, or don’t believe that they are meaningfully valued as part of your mission.

In other words: Prosperity is an inside job.

A recent study from The Energy Project and Harvard Business Review examined 192 companies in the United States. One fascinating outcome, as quoted in The New York Times in 2014:

If your employees feel more energized, valued, focused and purposeful, do they perform better? Not surprisingly, the answer is almost always “Yes.” Next we ask, “So how much do you invest in meeting those needs?” An uncomfortable silence typically ensues.

In our work here at Prosper for Purpose we’ve often discovered that many (even *most*) of our clients know that creating a positive work experience for their employees is critically important to the success of their organization — but that most organizations don’t know how to go about that.

Which is why we’ve expanded our Curated Collaborative™ and now offer the Prosper With Purpose line of services. The investment in creating the happier workplace — a workplace that people love being part of pays off — in organizational stability, productivity, sustainability and achievement. Prosper With Purpose is about creating a workplace where employees feel energized, valued, focused and purposeful.

Sometimes it’s a matter of simple, small shifts that make a big difference. Sometimes it’s a comprehensive culture change initiative. Always, it’s about making sure that the people who make your mission come to life and deliver your services to the world are proud and energized by being part of that mission.

Want a happier workplace? Let us help you Prosper With Purpose.

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