How to Use PR to Build Your Brand

When people hire me to help them grow their brand, they’re coming to me to help them increase their VISIBILITY, INFLUENCE and REPUTATION.

Before people talked about “branding,” they called this work public relations. The work has stayed the same, but it has expanded. That’s why I’ve gone from calling myself a PR strategist to a brand strategist.

PR always included the personal “story,” but now I dig deeper into identity, positioning, purpose, promise, personality and experience.

My team delves into the visual aspects of our client’s brands with photography, design, and website work. All this comes together to build the brand into a consistent, compelling and effective representation of the client.

It’s the groundwork for the brand building. Yet many people who call themselves brand experts stop there, or worse — they tell you a redesigned website and logo are your brand.

Graphic artist designing on tabletThey’re not. They’re simply pieces of your brand identity. And not even all the pieces.

A complete brand package should include:

  • An audit of the current brand
  • A review of business and goals
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand design
  • Brand photography
  • Brand launch strategy

Yes, all of this is an investment. So, you should work with someone you can trust who can help you determine how to position yourself in the market. 

Before you hire someone to “do your branding,” ask them about their process. Ask them about their experience to see if they would be a good fit.

Or better yet, send me a DM to learn how my team can help you build a brand that impacts the world and the bottom line.

We have a team of experts in each area I mentioned above. Our team can be your team. 

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