Episode 90: 8 C’s for Effective Content

In my 30+ years of writing content for traditional and digital media, I have discovered that there is a formula for writing that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience, ultimately building brand and increasing sales.

My 8 C’s for effective content form a framework that can help you write more effectively for your business. This framework will improve your blogs, podcasts, articles, and long-form social media. Though short social posts are more in the copywriting realm, you can also incorporate some of the C’s there to help your copy shine!

Get your pens out! You will want to take notes during this episode…


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Key Points:

  • My 8 C’s of Content are: 
    – Clear, Concise, Compelling, Consistent, Contextual, Credible, Channels, Call to Action

  • In understanding how to use each C in your writing, you will build an interested and loyal audience. 

  • Once you’ve learned the concepts, use the 8 C’s to double-check your content prior to publishing.

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