Episode 87: Goals & Grace

On this last episode of 2023, Lorraine discusses how to navigate the end of year pressures faced by business owners, what she calls “opposing pulls.” She explains the concept of ‘granting being’ or exercising grace in the face of disagreements or perceived differences, highlighting the importance of separating individuals from their action. Lorraine talks about how it is often most difficult to grant grace to ourselves and why it’s important. 

The episode concludes with a heartfelt invitation to join the upcoming workshop, ‘Beyond the Vision Board: Casting a Magical Strategic Vision’, which is designed to help entrepreneurs plan strategically for the next three years of their business. Finally, Lorraine reveals that The Prosper Project will undergo a rebranding and relaunch in the new year.


00:38 Introduction and Reflection on the Year

01:39 The Importance of Grace in Difficult Times

01:53 Understanding Cancel Culture and Granting Being

02:33 Applying Grace in Personal Interactions

03:48 The Challenge of Granting Grace to Ourselves

04:07 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Negative Self-Talk

05:13 Invitation to the ‘Beyond the Vision Board’ Workshop

05:35 Details and Benefits of the Workshop

07:05 Closing Remarks and Podcast Relaunch Announcement


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