Episode 62: Dressed to Win with Mary Lou Andre

Mary Lou Andre started her business with no clients, no capital, and very little personal money to build her dream company. So she sold her wedding dress and used the money to buy business cards and a used computer. Then she sold everything else she could in order to pay for a membership into a women’s organization where she could meet prospective clients.

25 years later, Mary Lou leads Dressing Well Inc. and Mary Lou Andre Executive Coaching. She is an author and a frequent speaker at women’s conferences. She runs a team of stylists who provide wardrobe consulting and personal branding services for seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, media personalities, and young men and women just starting their careers.

When the pandemic hit, her business was 80% in-person. Her pivot included turning her well-honed Dressing Well methodology detailed in her best-selling book “Ready to Wear:  An Expert’s Guide to Choosing and Using Your Wardrobe” into a dynamic high-end 90 Day online program along with a moderately priced self-study video course as a down-sell to capture more market share and ultimately serve more people. Listen in as Mary Lou talks with me about her entrepreneurial journey and how she knew what to let go of and what to hold onto with both hands.

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