Episode 48: My Final 5 Core Truths of Entrepreneurship

In the last episode, I spoke about five core truths I rediscovered as I faced a few of my false beliefs. If you listened to that episode, you may have found yourself resisting one or more of the truths I shared.

In this episode, I share my final five core truths about being an entrepreneur. These are the truths of entrepreneurship that revealed themselves to me over my 10 years as founder of Prosper for Purpose. You probably have learned some, if not all of them yourself in your own journey as a business owner. My hope is that as you create your plans for 2023, you will use these core truths to help you scale your business.

What core truths do you relate to best? Which one do you most resist? Let us know by leaving a comment or writing a review. And if you haven’t already, make sure that you subscribe to The Prosper Project so you never miss an episode!



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