Episode 25: Changing Course with Crosby Noricks

What causes a successful entrepreneur to let go of the business that she has built for 15 years? How can one transition from an established business to a brand new and totally different career path?

Today’s episode is a unique story of changing courses with a special guest, Crosby Noricks. Crosby is the founder of PR Couture, the industry-leading career development platform for PR professionals, which was recently acquired by Jeneration PR after 15 years in the online education space. Crosby’s vision, expertise, and accessibility have led her to educate, mentor, and inspire industry professionals and brands internationally for nearly 20 years. 

With the recent sale of her company comes a professional departure or, as we say these days, a pivot. Crosby is now developing a new body of work as a somatically-trained personal leadership coach, helping women in and around life’s midpoint to reimagine and reconfigure their lives and contributions for greater inner and outer congruence. Crosby is a certified Empty Out practitioner and Body Breath Method guide. She has completed an integrative somatic parts work certificate and received training in the UZAZU method of emotional intelligence. 

Crosby shares her journey in transitioning from PR Couture to developing a new business that focuses on movement and helping women in life’s midpoint. She shares the thought process and her experience of letting go of her PR business. Crosby shares how she discovered her higher calling and who she serves in this new work. She will also share her beautiful take on what being prosperous is all about and what she is discovering as she builds her new business.



“I recognize that I really love beginnings, and my soul was calling for a new beginning.”

“As I started to spend more and more time in these coaching containers, I started to understand that we were so reliant on our intellect.”

“There was something that helped me to feel really connected and joyful with my body.”

“Everything works out when we start to feel more at home with our bodies.”

“Repetition is what builds us new neuropathways.”

“My hope is that we can start to foster this next part of life to be far more like what we want it to be.”


Key Points of the Episode:

  • What were Crosby’s process and experience behind letting go of her company?

  • What is Crosby’s higher calling or something else?

  • Who is Crosby inviting in to share the experience of embodiment and what does it look like?

  • What is UZAZU?

  • Crosby shares her beautiful intention with the women she works with today.

  • Crosby shares her interpretation of what it means to prosper. 


Connect with Crosby:

Website: https://crosbynoricks.com/ 

Website: whereweunfurl.com

IG: @crosbynoricks

LinkedIn: Crosby Noricks

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