Episode 108: Position for Impact

In this episode of Brand for Good, I explore the critical concept of brand positioning. Discover what brand positioning is, why it’s essential for business success, and how to craft a compelling brand position that differentiates you in the marketplace.

Learn how effective positioning can help you reach and serve more people, ensuring that your brand makes a lasting impact!

Key Points:

  1. Introduction to Brand Positioning

    • Definition and explanation of brand positioning.

    • The unique space your brand occupies in the market and the minds of consumers.

  2. Importance of Brand Positioning

    • Competitive Advantage: Differentiates your brand from competitors.

    • Customer Loyalty and Trust: Builds consistent brand perception and trust.

    • Marketing Efficiency: Aligns and focuses marketing efforts.

    • Attracting the Right Audience: Appeals directly to those who resonate with your brand.

    • Reaching and Serving More People: Expands your brand’s visibility and impact.

  3. Creating a Compelling Brand Position

    • Step 1: Identify your target audience through market research.

    • Step 2: Analyze competitors to find unique positioning opportunities.

    • Step 3: Define your unique value proposition (UVP).

    • Step 4: Craft your brand positioning statement using a structured template.

      • Components include target audience, market definition, brand promise, and reason to believe.

      • Here’s a template you can use: “For [target audience], [brand] is the [market definition] that [brand promise] because [reason to believe].”

    • Step 5: Test and refine your positioning statement with feedback from your target audience.

  4. Examples of Strong Brand Positioning

    • Real-world examples from brands like Apple and Nike.


  • “Brand positioning is about defining how you want your customers to perceive your brand relative to competitors.”

  • “Effective brand positioning helps expand your reach and serve more people, aligning with our mission of doing good through business.”


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