Episode 102: Brand Work is Soul Work

In this episode, I discuss how to navigate misalignment between your business offerings and your personal aspirations. As I continue to take you behind the scenes with me while I upbrand my agency, Prosper for Purpose, I also want to share some of the deep work that is necessary during the process, especially when business changes are a driving force.

If you’ve ever wanted to deconstruct your business and build something that feels fresh and exciting, you’re not alone. You are not your business. It is human nature to evolve and change, and sometimes, that desire occurs within the framework of your business.

So, how does this tie into branding? One of the core principles of the Brand for Good philosophy is that a well-built brand can evolve alongside you. I often tell my clients that brand work is soul work. It’s not simply about your offerings or your website’s appearance; it’s about how you want to feel about your company, the experience you wish to provide, and how you hope others will feel as a result. In short, it’s about the essence and impact of your business.

Tune in to learn how I’m navigating this process with Prosper for Purpose, and take notes on how to approach it for your own business.


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