7 Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Are B Corps

According to a recent article from the New York Times, more and more consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with how their purchasing decisions affect social and environmental factors. For those who want to be more conscious, shopping from Certified B Corporations is an easy option — many of the brands that meet the highest standards for sustainable business may already be in your home. 

Here are seven spaces in your house where you can find brands you probably didn’t know are B Corps:

Your Fridge

If you take a look at the yogurt or creamer in your fridge, there’s a chance you’re already supporting a B Corp without knowing it. Household favorites like Horizon Organic, Silk, International Delight, Danimals, Activia and more all fall under the Danone brand. The multinational food corporation became one of the largest B Corps in early 2018, proving that achieving certification is possible regardless of size or industry.

Your Pantry

Bigelow Tea
Bigelow Tea is one of the more recently certified B Corp companies on our list, having joined the community just a few months ago in April 2019, but CEO Cindi Bigelow says social responsibility has been part of the company’s DNA since its founding in 1945.

“Our purpose has always been about much more than making profits. We’re committed to good citizenship, ethical business practices, accountability and transparency, protecting the environment, sustainability and supporting our communities.”

Your Closet

It’s likely that you’re already familiar with TOMS shoes, but did you know that the brand is a B Corp? The shoe company became a certified B Corp in 2018 — a logical move considering that they popularized the one-for-one giving model and have been on a mission to advance social and economic equality around the world since their founding. 

Your Bookshelf

Better World Books
Next time you’re looking for some new reads, skip Barnes & Noble or Amazon and check out Better World Books. Better World Books is one of the top online bookstores known for its one-for-one giving model. For every book you purchase, the company donates one to someone in need. They also help promote education by funding literacy initiatives worldwide with grants and other partnerships. The cherry on top? You get free shipping with every purchase.

Your Laundry Room

Seventh Generation
If you have a cleaning project, Seventh Generation likely has a product for it. The company is the “leading brand for green household and personal care products.” It’s been recognized by B Lab as “Best for the Environment” in the Best for the World Awards every year since 2013.

Your Vanity

If you’ve been on social media in the past year or so, you’ve probably seen Dogeared in your feed. The influencer-favorite jewelry line is not only beautiful but socially conscious as well and has been a B Corp since 2011. 

Your Bedroom

With Leesa mattresses, you can sleep well knowing you’ve bought from a brand that meets the highest standards for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Even though there seems to be a new crop of “Mattress in a Box” companies every day, Leesa is the only B Corp certified brand so far.

While there are a number of things that you can do to be a more conscious consumer, buying from, working with and investing in Certified B Corporations is a good place to start. With over 2,500 B Corps across the globe in various industries, you’re sure to find one that will meet your needs. For more info, visit the B Corp directory and learn more about why Prosper became a certified B Corp.

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