1% for the Planet Global Summit: Solutions for Sustainable Change

Earlier this month, #TeamProsper had the opportunity to attend the 1% for the Planet Global Summit in Boulder, Colorado, where more than 200 members of 1% for the Planet collaborated on actionable ways to solve pressing environmental problems. 

Global advocates from six countries and 22 states discussed issues ranging from reducing plastic pollution to building meaningful relationships with nonprofits in their regions. After being a 1% for the Planet member for nearly two years and helping the organization launch a regional pilot program, SEED Ohio, it was exciting to meet the passionate 1% for the Planet team in person.

Our favorite part of the Global Summit was having the opportunity to meet with and learn from like-minded individuals who are driving innovation and sustainability through purpose-driven businesses. We were inspired to bring all that we learned from these organizations back to Cleveland to spark passion for sustainability in our community!

Here are just a few of the organizations that inspired us:

Boxed Water

One of our favorite breakout sessions at the Summit was hearing about social media strategy from the team at Boxed Water. Boxed Water serves as an eco-friendly replacement for plastic water bottles, and the company is leading the way in sustainable innovation by reducing their carbon footprint and designing an environmentally-responsible supply chain. 

Boxed Water has also partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant more than 600,000 trees in areas affected by deforestation. You can help plant two trees when you post a photo of Boxed Water on social media with the hashtag #BetterPlanet. Boxed Water’s Instagram page is a great example of how organization can use social media to create real change.


All Good

The lifestyle brand has a clear vision to inspire others to live in harmony with our planet. All Good products are organically and sustainably made to make you feel amazing while benefiting the natural environment. As a fellow 1% for the Planet member and B Corporation, All Good works for a triple bottom line  — people, planet and profit. They even have a line of Reef Friendly products designed to keep harmful chemicals from products like sunscreen out of marine ecosystems.


Charity Charge

This Austin-based B Corp has collaborated with MasterCard to provide a free and easy way to make a difference with each credit card purchase. Founder Stephen Garten was inspired to start the company after learning that over $16 million in credit card rewards points go unused and expire every year. By #ChargingItForward, those rewards can be used to donate your cash back to your favorite nonprofit.


Project Drawdown

This nonprofit explains climate change in a way that bridges the divide between urgency and agency. Their researchers developed realistic, solution-specific models that create solutions for climate change over the next thirty years. The organization then published the book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming to explain each solution in visual and easily understandable ways.


The Tempest Two

In 2015, friends Tom and James decided to venture 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean (from the Canary Islands to Barbados) in a small boat without any prior rowing experience. These adventurous Londoners aim to push the conventional lifestyle to inspire others to achieve the impossible. The motivational speakers travel the world to help others dream, believe and achieve their wildest goals. 

They partnered with 1% for the Planet for their latest trip, Project Patagonia, where they ventured 2,000 kilometers via bike, trail and paddle board to provide insight on climate change in Patagonia. Check out their videos to experience their life changing thrills firsthand.

Overall, our team took valuable experiences away from the Global Summit by networking with individuals and organizations focused on improving environmental impact. We’re excited to share new ideas with the rest of our team as we work for sustainable change in our own backyard.

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