The Secret to Organic Growth

When I talk about organic marketing, organic growth or even SEO, people roll their eyes. It sounds complicated and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

So how can you grow organically without paid ads while keeping things simple?


If you want your ideal customer to find you, position yourself as the solution to the problem they’re experiencing.

Not to the overarching problem. Not to what you know the problem is. Instead, be the solution to the problem your prospective client thinks they have.

When I started Prosper for Purpose, people told me their marketing wasn’t working. So we did communications audits. We talked to the founder, CEO and their clients and asked questions about the business. And we realized their problem wasn’t their marketing. The problem was their brand narrative, positioning, and how they talked about their services. So we discussed with them how important their positioning was. Not having a strong brand narrative is like building a house on a foundation of sand.

So how does this relate to you? Your business may solve more than one problem. Start with the easiest one or the one you want to be known for solving. Google that term to see what search results appear. Or try a free keyword search like Ubersuggest to see what keywords come up when you type your solution.

Hand pointing at laptop screenYou can then build organic growth by creating content around your solution. Here is my favorite shortcut to creating content and it works especially well at building your online visibility and brand.

Step 1: Create talking points about the problem you solve.

Why is it a problem? Who is it a problem for? What are the steps they can take to solve the problem?

Don’t worry about giving away too much. Don’t worry that this will create a false belief that they don’t need you. The idea here is to serve first and build a relationship with your ideal customers second.

Step 2: Create a video.

Make a video around the talking points you discovered in the previous step. Tell people that you know about their problem and how to solve it. Give them the steps to do just that.

Post the video on your YouTube business channel. If you have a Facebook group, post it there too. If not, put it on your Facebook business page and personal page. Post it to Instagram. Post it everywhere you possibly can.

Step 3. Create audio.

Pull the audio from the video you made and turn it into a podcast episode. Don’t worry if you don’t have a podcast. Just go ahead and skip to the next step then.

Step 4. Create copy.

Go to (or any other transcription service) and upload your audio or video to have it transcribed. Edit the transcription for clarity by taking out all of the unnecessary words and pauses. Turn the finished product into a blog post for your website. You can even include your YouTube link to the video to drive more traffic and get more views.

Microphone and laptop on a tableStep 5. Post on social media.

Turn your blog into a series of social media posts. Pull out the main points and add a graphic to grab attention.

Step 6. Send an email.

Tell your mailing list how excited you are to have a solution to their problem. Embed a link to the video. This will allow you to nurture and bring people into your sphere of influence.

The key here is to use the same keywords throughout each step. This will help you build your organic growth which happens when people search for the solution to the problem they’re facing. You can continue to draw people to you over time for that solution. 

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