12 Months of Giving Q2 2017 Review

During the second quarter of 2017, we had the pleasure of working with three amazing organizations as part of our 12 Months of Giving campaign. We are so happy that we have the opportunity to share their stories and help them work towards their goals. 

Our April pro bono client, The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, began in 1973 as a clearinghouse to recover food that was being wasted. It is now the largest hunger relief organization in Northeast Ohio. Their goal is to raise awareness about food insecurity in Ohio — one in six people is food insecure and The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is looking to bridge the meal gap.

Forbes House, our May organization, is the only domestic violence shelter in Lake County, Ohio. Their non-disclosed location is an ideal place for abuse survivors in Northeast Ohio to heal from the trauma of abuse and rebuild their lives. Their mission is simple and effective — to empower individuals and families to end the cycle of abuse.

In June, we shifted our focus to the Thea Bowman Center, which started as a food bank 50 years ago. The Center serves not only as a food pantry, but also provides after school programs and summer programs aimed towards children and senior citizens. Thea Bowman, a catholic nun from Mississippi whom the Center was named after, was a leader in her community who aimed to make sure that people utilized their talents. She was a lover of all people — something the Center aims to emulate to this day.

Each of these organizations brings something wonderful and new to the table in terms of how they are assisting others. Our time with them may have been short, but we truly enjoyed learning more about each organization and helping them prosper.

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