Prosper for Purpose Helps Lily Rose Lee Secure Her Future

Lily Rose Lee Seeks Public Relations Counsel from Prosper for Purpose


Lily Rose Lee, formerly known as Michelle Knight, is dedicated to supporting and addressing the needs of women and young girls who have experienced physical and emotional abuse through domestic violence, human trafficking, and child abuse.


Executive Summary

Lily Rose Lee teamed with Prosper for Purpose to ensure her speaking opportunities were maximized and new opportunities were identified in order to secure her future. The main campaign objective was to manage Lily’s overall brand to better communicate to her publics.


Lily Rose Lee, formerly known as Michelle Knight, was in need of public relations counsel to secure her future. Team Prosper began work by focusing on brand management and increased paid media opportunities for Lily. Lily required assistance defining her public and private personas, and looked to Prosper to ensure her needs are met when she travels for public appearances and to better communicate her legal name change — from Michelle Knight to Lily Rose Lee — to her followers and supporters.

How We Helped

Prosper for Purpose worked with Lily to develop visual design elements to enforce her new brand image including a logo, color palette, designated fonts for web and print content and business cards. Prosper also provided Lily with media training and executed local and national media relations to optimize paid speaking opportunities such as licensing opportunities, alliance with a nonprofit and publishing a new book. Additionally, Prosper assisted Lily with content creation for her social media channels and a rebrand of all her accounts accounts to reflect her name change.

Results and Future Plans

Just six months after the launch, Lily’s website had more than 32,000 sessions and nearly 70,000 page views.

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