Prosper for Purpose is a cause-driven group of innovative do-gooders focused on helping clients amplify their impact. Our agency develops brands and optimizes relationships for growth and positive social impact.

Our mission is to grow a company dedicated to the development of our people and to partner with clients to drive authentic engagement and purposeful action that supports a triple bottom line: people, prosperity and planet. Our services focus on engagement through public relations, branding, content marketing, social media, organizational development, nonprofit fundraising, events and community engagement.

Our company has some pretty revolutionary ideas about what an agency can be. A trusted partner. A force for good. By collaborating with individuals and organizations who have a shared vision to do well by doing good, we design solutions that create change.

Success is achieved through creative solutions, proven processes and professional expertise. This approach helps clients build better relationships, bring meaning to their mission, do well and do good – in other words, to prosper for purpose.

We believe that wellness and abundance are cultivated through relationships rooted in shared vision. In a business world that follows a ‘zero sum game’ philosophy, we foster conditions in which organizations prosper through collaboration, creativity and purpose.

The Change We Seek®
The company tagline, ‘communications for a better world,’ is based on the belief that words have the power to transform relationships – to create worlds. We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. We strive to contribute to a collective voice of those who share this vision so that people and planet will someday share a sustainable prosperity.


How Networking Can Help Your Business Grow

By: Ashley Landreneau|April 27th, 2016|

You’ve just launched an incredible new product—your brainchild that you’ve been dreaming up for years—but instead of feeling successful and proud, you feel defeated and confused. Inventory isn’t moving like it should be. But your website hasn’t crashed from a sudden influx of online sales. And it’s not that your product isn’t great—because, let’s face it, it’s perfect and you should be proud—so what is it? Or maybe this sounds familiar: You’ve just graduated from […]

Mandatory Annual Employee Training

By: Paula Kampf|April 12th, 2016|

Everyone who feels inspired and excited about opening the email with those words in the subject line, raise your hand. Yeah, that’s what we thought. (We’ve gotten those emails, too.) What if those trainings were actually engaging? What if they became enjoyable opportunities for the people in your organization? We’re not kidding: that can happen. How do we know? We’ve been there, and we can help you to integrate researched interventions to transform your training […]

Culture & Engagement

Success starts on the inside. Let us help you move your organization forward with organizational development services ranging from strategic planning and training to employee engagement and culture optimization.More

PR & Marketing

We view marketing through the lens of public relations as defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” (PRSA, 2012) More

Development & Fundraising

We see development as the growth of a relationship.  This could mean reaching out through a for-profit organization, through business development or a non-profit as they advance philanthropy through development activities.More